Alanna Xu


This is a photo of a sunset I took outside of my house sometime in the past few years. Ever since I moved to Indiana 5 years ago, I have been able to view the sunset from home and discover all the different colors that are possible. Something as simple as a sunset contains so much variation, and I love being able to use photography to capture moments like these.



This is a map of how some* of my past and current interests/hobbies intersect and lead to one another, and some of the materials/supplies associated with them (that I ended up buying and using). 

It's cool to think about how I became interested in subjects that I never would've liked before, and it happened because one thing lead to another.

* This is only one category of my interests and hobbies. :) I would call this the stationery section.


Audio is quiet! Turn up volume to hear. 


The audio features:

00:00 Typing on phone
00:13 Typing on iPad
00:32 Using apple pencil on iPad
00:48 Typing on laptop keyboard
01:06 Writing with gel pen
01:19 Writing with ballpoint pen
01:32 Writing with mechanical pencil

Background noise is due to being in a public study space in my dorm.

My idea for the audio is to record the sounds of writing in everyday life. This would include various sounds of pens/pencils on paper as well as typing on various devices (the sounds of keyboard vs haptic feedback on mobile devices).


My group drew different aspects of Purdue life and Colombian culture.

seal front 2 3  4
These are photos of a stuffed animal seal. I only have access to the items in my college dorm, so I chose this seal that my online friend sent to me in the mail over winter break. It's like an inside joke, but not about a joke. The idea is that she chose a seal to represent me a long time ago, so she messages me with fun pictures of seals sometimes. We've stayed in touch for at least five years now. It means a lot that she sent me a few gifts, including the seal, and a nice note. I decided to bring the seal to college with me when winter break ended.



I made a flowchart of my daily routine from when I wake up to when I start class.


Made during class

Column 1

Landscape made in Processing



Bouncing Ball made in Processing





I worked with Juan to create a cowboy shooter game. We first came up with the idea of a shooter game, and then we decided that it should be a multiplayer game so that two people could play against each other. I made a draft of the code, and Juan did all the final coding for the project. I drew the background graphics, and he drew the cowboys.

Picture of us working on the project:


I worked with Sirley on this project. We had the idea of creating a program that could draw on Processing while you move the joystick, but it was difficult to code.

The end result of the project was being able to move the joystick to change colors on the screen and to turn a motor.

Final project Ideas

  • Depict the memories that you have about living here (wherever you’re at) and combine everyone’s. Media to be determined.
  • Create a 3D landscape by combining different objects and places related to Purdue/Indiana and Medellin. It would be displayed on a digital screen that you can navigate.
  • Create scenes related to both cultures/places by using colored lighting and audio in a physical space and images on a digital screen to create an emotional effect related to the scene.

The images would be displayed on the wall. Speakers will play sounds related to the scene, and the lights will be different colors to set the mood of the scene.


For the final project, I worked with Maria Clara, Arney, and Toyin to create a large installation that would show many snippets of our moments at Purdue. We worked together to build the physical structure and mount it onto the wall so that the projection can be utilized for our installation.