Em Jennings


My inspiration behind this stamp was a trip I took with my best friends a while back. We all love the ocean and were determined to swim in it even in the dead of winter (it was very very cold). The colors reflect the peaceful and content emotions I feel whenever I am with them, and the two birds represent the two best friends I went on the trip with.

Creative Map:

This creative map is based off of a night I recently spent with my friends where we wandered outside for a few hours in the freshly fallen snow. I wanted to create a map of the events that transpired that evening because my friends are very important figures in my life and the time I spend with them is very precious to me as well. 

Audio Soundscape:  


This soundscape is made to accompany my creative map. I used audio from a video I took of my friends that night as well as a royalty free track of music and some birdsong that I felt fit the ambience of the evening. 

2-3 Group Imaginary City:

This imaginary city was made in collaboration with my group on 2-3. It was a lot of fun to do!

3D Object Orthographic Views and Description:

The underside of my longboard.

Side view of my longboard

Close up of the wheel of my longboard

Close up of the side of the wheels

Back view of the wheels

The front wheels of the longboard

When I was a sophomore in college, one of my best friends convinced me to purchase a long board. He was from California and wanted to be able to ride with me around campus. Having never ridden a skateboard or anything similar in my life before, I was unsure about my abilities, but I saved up my money to purchase a longboard of my own. I remember the first time I ever wiped out on it. I was practicing in front of a residence hall when I tried to go faster than my body was ready to. I flew forward off my board and tumbled along the pavement on my elbows and knees. I remember feeling my body scrape against the rough concrete as I rolled to a kneeling stance. Proud that I sustained no major injuries and didn't hit my head, I gleefully collected my longboard and ran back to join my friends who were with me. After that initial fall, I was no longer scared to wipe out because I knew how to catch myself properly.

During this past summer, my longboard took on a whole new role in my life. It became a way to get out of the house into fresh air instead of just a way to get to class faster. My best friend from high school and I would go to the local park together and practice skating in the empty parking lots and biking trails. We would fly down the smooth pavement, weaving effortlessly between the concrete islands in the lots and pounding the pavement with our feet to propel ourselves up the hills around us. I remember walking back to my car at the end of one of our skating wanders drenched in sweat, but energized nonetheless from the fresh air and the time spent with my close friend. 

Object Archive - 3D modelling 

Creative Coding Sharing

I could not get my screen recording software to work, and so I have supplied images from our project as well as the code in order to show what we did. 


PImage front, side, top;

void setup() {

  size(720, 720);

  front = loadImage("frontview.png");

  side = loadImage("sideview.png");

  top = loadImage("topview.png");

  image(front, 0, 0);  


void draw() {

  triangle(150, 200, 100, 250, 150, 300);

  triangle(360, 50, 310, 100, 410, 100);





void mousePressed() {

  if((mouseX > 100 && mouseX < 150) && (mouseY > 200 && mouseY < 300)){

    image(side, 0, 0);


  if((mouseX > 310 && mouseX < 410) && (mouseY > 50 && mouseY < 100)){

    image(top, 0, 0);


  if((mouseX > 570 && mouseX < 620) && (mouseY > 200 && mouseY < 300)){

    image(front, 0, 0);



void drawReturnT(){

   triangle(570, 200, 620, 250, 570, 300);



Final Project Ideas:

The basic sketch of our idea including notes

The side view of our design showing a rough estimate of the inner mechanisms (still in development)

Final Project Abstract:

The labyrinth symbolizes search and encounter, a journey where the correct path must be found among the possibilities that are made available to those who pass through it. Developing this project was a cultural and intellectual meeting in which we exploited a range of tools to reach a common destination: new artistic proposals where space, meeting, and path prevail. Our creative encounter is embodied by an imaginary city, a maze of streets and buildings, a fusion of art and architecture that configures the experiences of those who inhabit them, generating a new representative space of our cities and our alma maters. The assembly consists of a 3D-printed maze supported by a wooden mobile platform that is connected to two joysticks that control the tilt and pitch of the maze. Thanks to our approach, the work invites the public to interact cooperatively to solve the maze, with each user controlling the inclination in an axis of movement. As part of it, we also expose drawings of the imagined city with architecture as representative as The Man Creator of Energy of the University of Antioquia or the Engineering Fountain of Purdue University.