Esteban García


This is an image that I took in the year 2000 when I was exploring my hometown Bogotá during my college years. I have been carrying this picture for all these years as a reminder of home and where I come from. I used to ride the bus to locations that I had never been to before to know better about the place where I come from and in some way be able to own my territory. This is in the municipality of Engativá. I took this random image from the bus window trying to capture the "real" city by ignoring the composition and clicking while the bus was in motion. I did not know what I was going to get until I got the film developed. For some reason, I have become very attached to this image. Something that looked so mundane in my life before: the distinct architecture, the parks, and cement shapes seem now so foreign. It makes me wonder why I was so drawn to this image in the first place. It is very representative of where I come from: the usual gray rainy day, unkempt lawn, a jobless man down on his luck.

Programming Examples

Archivos de apoyo Modulo de Programación / Support Files Programming Module Download 

How to hook up Arduino and Processing? A very simple step-by-step guide: Sensing for Visualization