Katie Phan


Every time my family travels, we try to collect items that represent luck in each culture. Whether that be four-leaf clovers, worry dolls, or maneki-neko (lucky cats), we like to believe this brings good fortune with us wherever we go. We were supposed to visit Japan last year, however, with COVID, the trip was unsuccessful. Hopefully we will be able to travel again soon!


This is my creative map of all the places that have impacted me the most. I am from Carmel, Indiana. My family is from California. My favorite place in the world is the art museum, and it led me to pursue art at Purdue!

This audio map takes the listener through my busy life as a Purdue student.



This is my action diagram for how I start my morning until I leave the house.

My group and I decided to create a game that incorporated Professor Super O and Purdue's campus. Mark coded, Arney created the background, and I made the Professor and the airplane. We were initially going to have the Teacher walk and jump, so I have included the animation sequence we were going to use.

Juan and I added a physical component to Juan's existing game by using Arduino and Processing. 

My idea is inspired by an exhibit I saw on the 4th floor of the Indianapolis Museum of Art. I can't remember the artist's name, but they asked people what love meant to them, and collected their stories as voice memos. 

With this idea, I want to ask people "Where is home for them?" It can be the city they grew up in, a favorite place they hold dear, or even a person they feel the most comfortable with. People can answer in any language, in fact, the more languages the better.

These voice memos will be played on a constant loop in the exhibit through small speakers strung up by wires. As people walk through, they can hear different stories depending on where they stand. These wires will all connect to show that no matter where home is for you and me, we are all connected by the feeling of it.