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Processing 3 Project with Andrea and Hannah

Esteban and Ketaki's Processing Project #1:

Final Project Abstract: 

Home to me is? It is an installation that seeks through the concept of "home" to highlight the cultural differences between Colombia and the United States. This, apart from being a project, is the result of a cultural exchange that allowed us to view the trip as a possibility to transcend or mutate the concept of home.  Nowadays, when we travel and get to know a new country it is difficult to adapt due to different circumstances, and the cultural shock makes us miss our home more and more.  Therefore, this installation seeks to make people feel at home through a multisensory experience. 

This installation consists of 4 houses built in acrylic that allow the users to visualize in an interactive way some colors and audios that transport them to places in Colombia in the United States. This is achieved through an Arduino, proximity sensors that detect the movement of people as they approach each of these houses that we call home. In addition to this, when the viewer is close enough they will find several QR codes pasted on the houses which when scanned they will play different audios.

Final Project Installation: