Toyin Awosanya

Final Project Proposal

Members: Maria Clara, Arney, Alanna, Toyin

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Our goal is to bring this sensation to life with an artistic object onto which different personal videos and images are mapped in order to achieve a highly sensorial, emotional and interactive experience.

Final Project Idea

My idea consists of a window frame, projection screen, and a rear projector. When a person open the outer frame videos or Medellin and Purdue will appear on the window screen. Once the journey is over, the person will close the window and it will show a starry night sky.

Project Idea - Picture Link

Physical Computing

For this assignment Andrea and I created lights that light up at a certain distance. In the video you can see that these three LEDs light up when an object is within a certain distance. For example, the green lights up at the farthest distance followed by yellow mid-distance and red at close distance.

Physical Computing - Picture Link

Interactive Transportation/Graphics Programming

Demaris and I created moving graphic that has common transportation revolving around Medellin and Purdue. We meshed the two to create this interactive program. To make the Citybus and Metrocable move you can press any key. 


Creative Coding

I created a flow chart of my morning routine.

Creative coding image  - Picture Link


Imaginary Places

For this assignment I was placed in group 1 where we all put out ideas together to create an imaginary place. This place has many activities such as getting hot dogs to eat at the hot dog stand and the beach. These different places are not the same spatial plane and are guarded by higher beings.

Imaginary places image - Picture Link


Will you take me in you Pt.2 /3D Model of Object

Finished 3D Model - Picture Link


Will you take me in you Pt.1

Pictures - Picture Link

I chose my drawing tablet. I cannot travel with it because it is large and I dislike moving heavy things. Nevertheless, this has lifted my spirits during the pandemic. It has brought me back to when I was little and had all the time in the world to draw. I spend countless hours drawing and am always surprised when it turn dark. Even though it is a different medium of art, and uses a screen, tactile buttons, and wheels. The tablet brings me the same satisfaction as drawing always has.


Audio Sharing

I decided to create a short video my daily life doing school remotely. I filmed some activities that I do such as doing assignments and grabbing a quick snack.

 - Video Link


Creative Maps

For my map I chose to illustrate West Lafayette and highlight the parking lots throughout campus with red pins.


I chose this sign of Fisherman's Wharf as my stamp because it brings back fond memories of my time in San Francisco, CA. This reminds me of my first view of the ocean in my entire life (Would have chosen an ocean photo, but I took videos instead). It was once of my first vacations I've took and I had a lot of fun while I was here.