Trey Cluff

I decided to stay traditional to the idea of a stamp.  The view is of a giant rock out cropping I have hiked twice in southern Norway.

Audio Soundscapes: 
For my audio soundscape I chose areas in and around my apartment.  It was a little hard with two other roommates but I managed to record some decent audio.
Creative Map of Purdue campus:
For the map I wanted to show something that wasn't the buildings and land but was directly effected by it.  So bus routes are determined by what is around them and where people are.  By looking at bus routes you can see a lot about the surroundings.

Will You Take Me With You:

I don't own many item's that I can't travel with but one of them is my desk chair.  I use this chair every single day to do schoolwork, browse the internet, talk with friends, or play games.  It is almost an extension of my computer.  While it doesn't make any noises or smell like anything, it has a distinctive feel.  It is made of a springy mesh that bounces back at you when you sit in it.  This bounce is like a very firm mattress but is also breathable so I don't get too hot.

Model of my desk chair

Creative coding flow diagram:
I created a flow chart for my thought process when I have finished all my work and I just want to relax for the rest of the day.  This thought process is how I decide what video game to play with or without my friends
Flow chart for my free time

Fun snake game to show American and Columbian foods being eaten by Purdue's Starship delivery robots. Art by Sirley and code by Trey.

Physical Computing:
For Physical Computing, Maria Clara and I developed an interactive map between West Lafayette and Medellin.  Using a joystick, button, and potentiometer, we are able to navigate, zoom out, and switch the map.  This allows the user to understand the scale and layout of both cities.

Final Project Idea:
drawing of my final project idea
My idea is to create a large kaleidoscope that uses a screen displaying a colorful, looping animation that is generated with processing.  The animation uses inputs from a variety of light, sound, and distance sensors to modify the output of the processing animation.  So as the surroundings of the kaleidoscope change, so does what is inside.

Final Art Exhibit:
For my groups idea, we created Spectrum of Baile which is an interactive exhibit showcasing the art of dance and music from the United States and Columbia.  In the exhibit people can interact with a video/sound show by casting a shadow on the projection of the video.  Depending on where their shadow is, the projector shows two dances overlaid on top of each other with varying opacity.  The music for the dance videos is also adapted.